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Students Live In Tents, Do Homework Under Flashlights, And Deal Without Textbooks Months After California's Massive Camp Fire   “Staying in school is the hardest thing to do now,” one high school senior said. View Entire Post › Commenter
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The "Avengers: Endgame" Directors Opened Up About The MCU's First Openly Gay Character   “Representation is really important,” Joe Russo said. Warning: Very minor spoiler ahead. View Entire Post › Commenter
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Stassi Schroeder Hated Her Time On "Queen Bee" And Other Things We Learned From Her "Burning Questions" Interview   We asked one of reality TV's greatest characters about her time on The Amazing Race,... Commenter
A Democratic Group Is Asking 2020 Candidates To Sign A New Pledge: Play Nice And Then Support The Nominee   Indivisible is asking candidates to commit to a unity pledge, following a new public rift between Bernie Sanders... Commenter
This Teenager Had His Selfies Facetuned By A Follower Who Thought He Might Have A Class 3 Bite And What Happened Next Is Just Bizarre   "I’ve seen very handsome and beautiful people asking for tweaks, from both females and... Commenter
A High School Has A New Dress Code For Parents And It's Being Called Discriminatory   The dress code bans satin caps and bonnets, which are commonly worn by black women to protect their hair. View Entire Post › Commenter
21 Easy, Stress-Free Instant Pot Recipes For Spring   Think beyond hearty soups and stews. View Entire Post › Commenter
How Well Would You Score On This Celeb IQ Level Quiz?   Just 10 simple questions! Or are they?! View Entire Post › Commenter
Daniel Craig Will Face Off Against Rami Malek In His Last "James Bond" Film   And Killing Eve writer and Fleabag star Phoebe Waller-Bridge is serving as one of the film's screenwriters. View Entire Post › Commenter
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