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Opinion: Ilhan Omar's Mythical Anti-Semitism   Just like hippies spitting on Vietnam veterans or welfare queens sipping champagne, Omar's anti-Semitism has become a structural support beam for American politics. View Entire... Commenter
Congress Has Voted To Make The Fund For For 9/11 First Responders And Victims Last Another 70 Years   Eighteen years after the deadliest attack on American soil, Congress gives life to a fund that aids 9/11 survivors and first... Commenter
16 Reasons Why Mike Should Be Our Next Bachelor   "Because it's about damn time." View Entire Post › Commenter
Neighbors Stopped ICE From Arresting A Man By Forming A Human Chain Around Them   “When ICE does stuff like this, we’re gonna protect our neighbors." View Entire Post › Commenter
Forever 21 Included Atkins Diet Bars In Some Online Orders And People Are Very Angry   The bar was included with plus-size clothing although the company says it wasn't targeting plus-size customers with the freebie. View... Commenter
People Are Sharing Dating Red Flags You Shouldn't Ignore, And It's Accurate AF   "If their phone is always face-down." View Entire Post › Commenter
23 Things To Help You Stay Comfy When You Sit All Day   "Let's get this bread" —you as you reply to all your unanswered emails. View Entire Post › Commenter
A Black Transgender Woman Was Found Fatally Shot In South Carolina   Denali Berries Stuckey's is the 12th identified black, transgender woman to be killed in the US this year. View Entire Post › Commenter
This Quickfire Quiz Will Determine If Your Brain Is More British Or American   Your passport may say American, but maybe your mind is more British. View Entire Post › Commenter
4 Times The "Parks And Rec" Cast Broke Character And 15 Other Behind-The-Scenes Secrets   Yes, the cast definitely broke character while filming. View Entire Post › Commenter
Danielle Brooks Said Her Role On “Orange Is The New Black” Made Her Think About The Central Park Five   "I think about the exonerated five and how they kept that faith, and I see so many parallels with [Taystee],” Brooks... Commenter
Rep. Ilhan Omar Is Tired Of Dealing With Questions That Wouldn’t Be Asked Of White Politicians   The Muslim American member of Congress reprimanded an audience member who asked her to condemn female genital mutilation — again... Commenter
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