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These Christian Activists Want To Take Their Anti-Abortion Fight To The United Nations   A High Court ruled against two anti-abortion protesters, but a Christian lobby group is "exploring" whether to take their case to ... Commenter
17 Photos That'll Make You Say, "Thanks, I Hate It"   Free the baby plants from their prisons! View Entire Post › Commenter
27 Of The Best Products For Dry Skin You Can Get At Walmart   Sunscreens, masks, moisturizers, body wash, and lotions — all for that annoying, dry, and flaky skin! View Entire Post › Commenter
It's Bindi's 21st Birthday And Her Mum Just Shared Some Cute AF Pics To Celebrate   First of all, how is Bindi 21??? Second of all, I'm weeping. View Entire Post › Commenter
An 18-Year-Old American Citizen Was Held In Immigration Detention For Three Weeks   Francisco Erwin Galicia showed officers his Texas ID, but they believed it was fake. View Entire Post › Commenter
People Shared Some Major Mistakes Tourists Make When Visiting Chicago — And What To Do Instead   Visiting Chicago anytime soon? You might wanna take notes. View Entire Post › Commenter
27 More "Green Flags" People Look For In Relationships That You Should Take Note Of   ""When someone asks you if they should take their shoes off BEFORE they walk into your home..." View Entire Post › Commenter
Puerto Rico Civil Rights Leaders Want Investigations Into Police Using Tear Gas On Protesters   "Show me where in the constitution it says that at 10 o'clock people lose the right to protest," said ACLU of Puerto... Commenter
26 Questions Non-Americans Have For Americans About The Food They Eat   "Do Americans eat grilled cheese and ketchup?" YES. View Entire Post › Commenter
30 Disney Products That'll Make Your Home Much More Magical   Cinderella Castle ain't got nothin' on your house. View Entire Post › Commenter
37 Popular Songs Baby Boomers Still Blast In Their Cars Today   ? You're so vain, you probably think this song is about you ? View Entire Post › Commenter
A Model Called Out A Famous Celeb Photographer For Predatory Behavior — And Found Out She’s Not The Only One   “It’s been overwhelming trying to sort through the messages I am getting but I am glad I got to connect with many... Commenter
Rate Some Rom-Coms And We'll Tell You How Adult You REALLY Are   Loving A Cinderella Story is TOTALLY peak adult. View Entire Post › Commenter
You Won't Make It Tear-Free Through These 21 Moments When People Realized They Were Ready To Get Engaged   "He told me he knew it was time because I’d gone through so much that night to take care of him and ensure he was... Commenter
The House Voted To Condemn The Boycott Israel Movement Over Protests From Reps. Ilhan Omar And Rashida Tlaib   The measure to formally condemn the BDS movement passed the House overwhelmingly Tuesday night. "Dissent is how... Commenter
The "Jurassic World" Ride At Universal Studios Just Opened — Here's Everything You Need To Know   Hold onto your butts...'cause they're going to get wet! View Entire Post › Commenter
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