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17 Animal Tweets To Give You An Extra Dose Of Serotonin

  *inhales* Now look at this video of a chicken going apple picking. *exhales* View Entire Post › Commenter
Fortnite Is Back After Millions Of Players Watched Its Map Get Blown Up

  Gamers had been wondering what was next after the 10th season ended with a mysterious black hole. View Entire Post › Commenter

  I'm happy to say there are plenty to choose from. View Entire Post › Commenter
Hilary Duff Gave Some Ideas For New Plot Lines In The "Lizzie McGuire" Reboot

  "Lizzie’s 30 now and I really like the idea of her waking up on her 30th birthday and being like, 'This isn’t where I thought I... Commenter
24 Of This Season's Biggest Trends That You Can Buy For Cheap

  Low prices, but make it fashion. View Entire Post › Commenter
Hunter Biden Says He "Did Nothing Wrong" In His Business Dealings In Ukraine

  "What I regret is not taking into account that there would be a Rudy Giuliani and a president of the United States that would be... Commenter
Jennifer Aniston Just Joined Instagram And Shared A Reunion Pic Of The Whole "Friends" Cast

  "And now we're Instagram FRIENDS too." View Entire Post › Commenter
32 Useful Products That’ll Barely Require Your Time Or Attention While Using Them

  So you can spend more time doing more important things... like watching Netflix. View Entire Post › Commenter
Kim Kardashian Planned For Khloé To Be At Psalm's Birth If It Happened While She Was At The Met Gala

  "It has taken eight months to get our Met look perfect, and I committed to it and I can't miss this." View... Commenter
37 Things To Buy Because, Ahem, You’re A Grownup Now

  For days when you ~actually~ want to be responsible for once. View Entire Post › Commenter
The Way You Put Together A "Drag Race" Runway Will Reveal Which UK Contestant You Are

  This ruveal will leave you gagged! View Entire Post › Commenter
Billie Eilish Said People Who Wear Mink Eyelashes "Disgust" Her After A Tweet About Animal Cruelty Went Viral

  The vegan singer made her feelings on the subject crystal clear, saying people who wear mink fur... Commenter
30 Cute And Casual Shoes To Jumpstart Your Fall Wardrobe

  From booties to sneakers to loafers, get ready to find your next favorite pair of shoes. View Entire Post › Commenter
Is Anyone Going To Push Elizabeth Warren? And Other Big Questions For Tonight's Debate.

  Twelve Democrats will be on stage tonight on CNN for the fourth presidential primary debate. Here's what to look out for. View... Commenter
35 Things To Help You Master The Art Of Doing Laundry

  Let's get ready to ~tumble~. View Entire Post › Commenter
George The Talking Clock Is Back, This Time On The Internet

  “Let the record show that I called 1194 sixty-six times that night.” View Entire Post › Commenter
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